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  • 11 August 2023
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Do we have an option in Kustomer to obtain interval-wise raw data for the agents? This would allow us to understand what he or she is doing throughout the entire day. Like the bifurcation for all the auxs ( Lunch, break , pre break , team meeting & other as well)



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@tej Are you looking for a report or dashboard here that shows what agents are Available, Lunch, Break, etc based on the statuses? Or are you more looking for how many hours/minutes they are in these statuses on any given day?


@chase.pizzonia yes we are looking for raw data in which we can understand how many hours/minutes they are in these statuses on any given day


@tej If you create a custom report and click Add Chart, search for Status and select the Current Agent Status report. You can adjust this based on what status you’d like to pull a report on


@chase.pizzonia What I want is the agent login summary report. For instance, I am logged into Kustomer for taking chats, starting at 8 AM and logging out at 5 PM. During this duration, I would like a detailed record of all the activities performed by me.

Date Interval Time Activity Activity Time
17-Aug-23 2:38 PM Outbound 0:06:54
17-Aug-23 9:11 AM Available 2:24:12
17-Aug-23 11:50 AM Available 1:53:45
17-Aug-23 11:35 AM Break 0:15:02
17-Aug-23 1:44 PM Comfort Break 0:03:08
17-Aug-23 2:45 PM Lunch Break 0:32:35
17-Aug-23 1:47 PM Available 0:50:57
17-Aug-23 3:17 PM Available 0:52:09
17-Aug-23 4:09 PM Outbound 0:06:03
17-Aug-23 4:15 PM Available 1:44:13

@tej Thanks for clarifying. I have submitted a feature request to my team on this and will let you know if we decide to work on developing this feature


@chase.pizzoniaThank you for your prompt response. This will be of great assistance to us.