• 4 May 2023
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Buen día.

Tenemos una falla en la vinculación de cuentas de Instagram en Kustomer. Los nombres de las cuentas de Instagram no aparecen
completos en el chat. Al momento de vincular más cuentas no logramos diferenciar entre estas porque no muestra los nombres completos de las páginas.


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This is a great callout and one that we typically recommend setting up a custom tag for each Instagram/Facebook Business Page in order to help quickly differentiate them directly in the conversation view in Kustomer. Once the tag is created for each page connected we then need to create a business rule to capture incoming conversations and tag them appropriately.


Using the Business Id and Page Id from the connected Instagram page we can build a business rule that will check if the incoming message is sent to either of these. If it is then we can add the associated tag created before. An example of what this would look like in a business rule below:

The trigger for the rule is First Inbound Interaction so it is not running every new message or update to a conversation. The required conditions are checking if the Channel is either Instagram Comment or DM and if the message sent is to one of the PageId or BusinessId. If this is all true we update the conversation by adding the associated Tag created before for the Instagram Page.


Instagram Page and Business Id can be found by navigating to Instagram App in Kustomer and for each page connected there will be details seen below:


As an additional note, if there is a matching Facebook page to the Instagram page connected in Kustomer they will share the same Page Id. Based on preference you can add specific Instagram or Facebook page tags to different channel conversations to identify them further. If you don’t mind and would like to tag them the same then you can remove the condition in the Business Rule checking that the conversation channel is Instagram Comment or DM.


I hope this helps!


Derek Parson

Sr. Technical Support Engineer