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  • 24 January 2024
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Is it possible to have multiple business schedules for Chat?  Our CX team and Ecommerce team have different hours of operation. 


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2 replies


My Customer Experience Team and Ecommerce Team both use live chat.  Is it possible to have a different business schedule for each chat team?

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Hi Kim,

Thank you for sending this question along!

It is possible to create different branches within a conversational assistant that take different actions based on different business schedules, help center article. You’ll want to have different business schedules created for the two teams, help center article. Then you’ll want to have two distinct paths within the conversational assistant that lead to interactions where those business schedules are used to determine which actions should be taken by the assistant.

It also looks like you opened up a conversation with our support team and I see someone is working on that there. If there’s more support we can provide feel free to continue that conversation or send an email to!