Can I enter tickets in Kustomer manually?

  • 14 December 2023
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There has to be away - just haven’t found it

4 replies


I interpret this question in multiple ways, so I’ve provided a couple of options below:

  • How can I initiate an outbound conversation with a customer?
    • Navigate to the customer profile in-question.
    • A blue compose button with a plus (+) symbol will be located at the top of their timeline.
    • Hover above the Compose button to select from available channels and begin drafting your message.
    • Help Article: Create a conversation (This article contains additional details and images.)
  • How can I create internal notes to document an interaction with a customer, without sending the customer a message?
    • Notes are only visible to those with access to your Kustomer instance and can be used to communicate information internally. 
    • The process for creating a note as a stand-alone conversation is the same as the process outlined above, ensuring to select the Note option from the list of Compose channels.
    • Notes can also be included in conversations from other channels.
    • Help Article: Use notes in conversations (This article contains additional detail on using notes within other conversation channels and outlines specific note functionality not included above.)

Okay - thanks - I am thinking the situation is I have a customer on the phone and I want the agent to be able to create a ticket and assign it…. Where is the compose button? Normally, we are in the All Open Conversations queue.


Thank you for clarifying. 


Depending on the voice platform you use and the way the settings are configured, conversations should automatically get created for inbound and outbound phone calls. Therefore, they should not need to manually create conversations to track the interaction. If you are using one of our standard voice apps from our App Directory, please contact Kustomer Support so that we can research what may be happening.


If you are not using an integrated voice platform, based on your use case, I recommend creating a note conversation, which can be assigned to an agent, to document the interaction without sending a message to the customer. Additional settings may need to be configured in your instance to not update note-only conversations to done automatically, and to allow them to be systematically routed using Queues and Routing rules.


The compose button is located under the customer’s name and avatar (or initials) at the top of the timeline, with step-by-step instructions in this help article:


My long-term recommendation is to integrate voice with Kustomer to eliminate this manual step and enable additional capabilities and automations, potentially empowering your customers to self-service for frequent, simple questions.


Scott - on my screen I don’t have anything that says My Inbox and I don’t have the box to the right that has my name…. I must be missing a setting?