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  • 22 September 2023
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Can either the org or individuals change their default inbox sorting? Our default is set to Newest Assigned, which is not ideal for our processes - we’d rather Oldest Assigned was the default for agents. Preferably this is something we could do for the org as a whole, but we can’t find it in settings. Alternatively having agents be able to set this once would be nice. 


The screenshot in the article here doesn’t note a Default, so we’re hoping it’s possible and we’re just looking in the wrong place?



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Hi @katefraser 👋 Welcome to the community! At the moment, changing the default inbox sorting at the org or agent level is a feature request. That being said, I hear you and understand how this feature would help your team.

We have an open feature request for this in the Product Ideas section of the community. Product Ideas allows clients like yourself to submit requests that go directly to our product team for consideration.

I’ve gone ahead and upvoted the existing request on your behalf, and added your feedback for context. You can see and subscribe to the feature request here: Inbox sorting by Longest waiting for reply

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!