CSAT Survey Natively on WhatsApp Chat with Quick Replies -- Is it possible?

  • 3 December 2023
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Hi All,


I came across a very interesting CSAT Survey experience while shopping at Nespresso. Basically, I am able to rate the interaction using whatsapp quick reply list straight into the whatsapp chat (details below).


Is it possible to create an experience like this with Kustomer? (maybe a tutorial or product feature?)

My hypothesis here is that the response rate for a CSAT Survey natively on whatsapp is significantly higher than a CSAT survey where the user has to click and navigate to another page (current Kustomer CSAT experience).


The Nespresso Experience

  1. After finishing the purchase, I am prompted the CSAT Survey (translation: “How was your experience?”)
  2. When I click the “Avaliar” button (translation: “rate experience”), I have pre-populated options on a 1 to 5 stars rating
  3. Once I click the option, my rating is sent as a text on the WhatsApp chat directly

  4. The user interaction is finished. Of course, there must be a way to capture this information and analyse the overall satisfaction

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