Dedicated Agent (dedicatedUser) field not available in workflows

  • 16 January 2024
  • 3 replies

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i have a workflow in which I want to update a Customer attribute called Dedicated Agent (dedicatedUser). This field was created by Kustomer on the Customer klass. However this attribute is not visible in the workflow sidebar where all the attributes are. I also tried manually editing the workflow JSON to update this field and it does nothing. How can I update this field via workflow?


3 replies

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Hi @claire.gibbons !, the ‘assignedUser’ or ‘dedicatedAgent’ would be found on the Conversation Klass and not the Customer list of attributes :) 


You are welcome to write in to Support for further guidance as well! Thank you

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hi @seanmcentagart thanks for your reply. I’m not really following though. Dedicated agent is a field on the Customer insight card and I can set it in the UI whether or not a conversation exists. Ideally my workflow is not dependent on a conversation existing

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This is the field I am referring to which also implies the link exists on the customer