How do you utilize the article feedback options? Anyone using BOTH Written Feedback and Suggested Reasons?

  • 17 May 2023
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Is anyone else using both of the optional Additional Feedback methods—and if so, are you seeing reporting errors? 

We have article feedback turned on and we’ve opted to use both optional Additional Feedback methods (Suggested Reasons and Written Feedback).

For context, in the Knowledge Base Report, the Suggested Reasons option feeds the Article Feedback table, while the Written Feedback option feeds the Article Comments table. 

Unfortunately, right when we turned on the Suggested Reasons multiple choice questions, we lost the reporting functionality for the Article Feedback table. Anyone else seeing this? The Report Issue button doesn’t do anything, so I reached out to Kustomer support back in January and they created a bug for their developers to analyze. 


Before we enabled the Suggested Reasons option, we used to still see this table in the report, even though it didn’t populate with data, but now it’s just the error screen. Even when we try turning off the multiple choice question option, it still doesn’t come back. 

If you’ve successfully enabled both the article comments *and* article multiple choice feedback without issues, can you let me know a bit about your setup?  For example, did you use snippets to create the text for the multiple choice questions, or just type it in manually? Are you using any special characters? 

I wondered if maybe Kustomer just isn’t built to support both options at once, but I didn't see anything in the Configuration stating that we needed to only select one or the other. Also, if you look at the feedback tab on an individual article in the Kustomer editor, you can see both options populating like this:


I’ve already created a product idea requesting the Knowledge Base report to somehow link the submissions. So, if someone utilizes both the written feedback and suggested reasons, the report will show this (and we won’t accidentally think the feedback is from two separate instances/users). 


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Update: I was able to get the table populating again (while having both suggested reasons and written feedback turned on). We had been using custom text in our Suggested Reasons Question and possible responses, but apparently, Kustomer doesn’t support that in the reporting? It seems you have to use snippet text


Here were the default settings: 


Custom Phrasing:

We had initially been playing around with custom phrasing like this (and the report was not populating): 


Settings now that we’re successful: 

I was finally successful getting the table back when I created snippets with our custom text, so our settings in all of our brands look like: 


I wish this could have been disclosed from the beginning so we didn’t have to lose the data from January to now, but I’m thrilled to have it back and wanted to share. Looking forward to hearing anyone’s thoughts!