Problem with article preview

  • 16 November 2023
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Hi everyone,

I'm writing because I need help with the preview of the articles in our knowledge base. We upload almost every article with HTML and CSS design, and as a result, the preview we are getting looks something like this. We have been searching for a solution, but nothing seems to solve this issue. Can somebody lend me a hand?

Thank you, everyone!


1 reply

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You are not alone! We, too, have found that the article previews don’t read/recognize HTML correctly, and it’s very disruptive. They don’t display bold, italics, links, etc. 

I wish I had a good workaround, but what we ended up having to do was manually “band-aid fix” all 180+ of our articles, rewriting all opening paragraphs to have at least 160 characters and as little HTML/formatting as possible. 🙈 We put a lot of our CSS into the KB theme instead of the individual articles themselves. 

Here are the relevant feature requests my team has submitted about this in case you want to upvote or add any comments there!