[Workflows] Is there a way to lookup a customer by different attributes in 1 step?

  • 13 March 2023
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I have a customer with the same attributes but a dfferent format.


Attribute A: third_partyId-id=654987

Attribute B: id=654987


Can I build a workflow where I don’t need to create separate branches and conditions for A and B attributes one after another? 

We are solving this with two different steps currently. 1st, search for attribute A. If it does not find anything then it goes for attribute B


  • My need is an OR condition within 1 step.

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Hi There,

Thank you for submitting this question!

The current way you're doing it sounds like the best way within a workflow, as you're guaranteed to get back only 1 option per look-up. Then in the rare case you find two different customers in Kustomer and you need to handle that, you can do so with standard workflow actions and conditions.

It is possible to look up based on both IDs by using the Search Endpoint​ in a REST API workflow action. The caveat here is the response you're parsing is very different and does not have standard attribute accessors the way the workflow actions do.


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