December Community Spotlight đź’ˇ

  • 1 December 2023
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👋 It’s time for another installment of Community Spotlight! This is a dedicated section of the community where we recognize our most engaged members. 

Our December spotlighter is @ashley_at_manscaped! Ashley is one of our most engaged community members when it comes to asking questions, sharing knowledge, and submitting product ideas.

You can get to know Ashley a bit more in the Q&A below!

Ashley McCubbin
Customer Experience Program Manager at MANSCAPED™


 How do you use Kustomer in your role?

As the Program Manager I wear a lot of hats but the most important hat I wear is that of the in-house expert on the Customer Experience tech stack. This includes the tools & platforms used by the CX team to serve the customer along with the tools & platforms used by the customer to interact with their account, with the brand, and with the support team.

Kustomer is one of the primary tools used by the CX team here at MANSCAPED™ so I use Kustomer every single day to make sure the processes we set in place are working as they should be, to check in on what the customers are saying, to collect data, and to continue to drive innovation within our Customer Experience strategy.

I also own the content on our FAQ page which is tied to the Knowledge base and is a huge piece of our larger ongoing self-service and deflection initiative.

I am very lucky to be a long term employee here with MANSCAPED™ and a long term Kustomer user so I am fairly confident & extremely proud of my position as an expert in the platform.  

How does your Company/team use Kustomer?

As a company we are using Kustomer as our CRM and as our customer facing knowledge base by connecting the content from the KB to our FAQ page. All customer communication via email, contact form, and chat all flows through Kustomer to be handled by our team. We also utilize Kustomer to execute on proactive communication to the customers on an as needed basis on individual cases and in bulk.

We have many integrations set up within the platform to aide in our omnichannel Customer Experience strategy such as the connection to our internally built portal that connects to our database, connections to our project management tool for offline work, and of course we are connected to the stores and review platforms.

We are continuously looking for ways to drive single screen management to decrease the number of logins and windows needed by our reps to get their jobs done so integrations into Kustomer and the ability to automate as much as we can is a huge focus of mine. Through the work of our development team we are even able to handle high risk order management within Kustomer which allows for easier tracking, data collection, and the development of KPIs.

How do you like to use the Kustomer Community?

Through networking and connections I’ve made over the years what I have learned is that sure we may not all be in the ball trimmer business, but we are all in the Customer business. We want more customers, we want happy customers, we want paying customers, we want legit customers, and we want to be able to provide the best experience to these customers. So, no matter what product we sell or industry we are in odds are if I am facing an issue or have a question there is someone else within this community that had or has the same issue or question.

And while I am confident in my Kustomer knowledge I am not naĂŻve nor do I have an ego that prevents me from seeking help when I need it. The Kustomer Community allows me to ask those questions or seek those answers and the best part is the interactions are shared so that we all benefit from the knowledge.

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Thank you @amanda.rothbard and the rest of the Kustomer team for this recognition and for the work yall do within the Community!