Happy Halloween! Share a 2-sentence horror story to win a $25 gift card 🎃

  • 23 October 2023
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With Halloween next week, I thought it might be a fitting time to celebrate spooky season and get a bit creative! 🧙‍♀️ A two-sentence horror story is exactly what it sounds like — a bite-sized scare captured in 2 sentences. 


Here’s the task:


Write a two-sentence horror story about a scary customer support experience. 👻


The person with the most creative story will win a $25 gift card!



  • Stories must be two sentences!
  • You can submit as many stories as you’d like.
  • No AI generated stories, please! We’ll use the AI-detector if we have to. 🔎

You have until Halloween Eve (10/30) to submit your story. The winner will be announced on Halloween!


7 replies

It's 4:59pm on a Friday, and my last live chat conversation is finally wrapping up. Note to self...I'm almost out of plastic wrap.

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@MozzV Oooh, you’re good! 👻

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I work for MANSCAPED. I open up an email from a customer with the subject line: Look what your product did to me and the email shows there is an image attached. 😱

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My last user of the day is rapid-firing questions in live chat. As I review their timeline, I see 24 open conversations in the timeline, across multiple channels. 😱

When I log in, I’m faced with thousands of breached conversations and dozens of low ratings. I wonder what went wrong, until I hear my alarm clock beeping on the night stand.

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These are all too good! 😱 I had no idea we had so many horror writers among us. 😂

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Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃 I’m here to announce the winner of the 2-sentence horror story contest. 

First I want to say how tricky it was for our team to pick the winner. All of the stories were so unique and brought different elements of horror to them. 

With that said, we did eventually decide on the winner… 🥁


Congratulations @MozzV! You’ve won a $25 gift card. 🎉


The team really liked the twist in your story, and how “wrapping up” had a different meaning here. I’ll be reaching out to you via email to send over your gift card.

Thanks to everybody for participating! Hope you enjoyed this bit of fun, and have an excellent Halloween.