November Community Spotlight 💡

  • 1 November 2023
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 👋 It’s time for another installment of Community Spotlight! This is a dedicated section of the community where we recognize our most engaged members. 

Our November spotlighter is @theofau! Théophile actively uses the community to submit feature requests and read best practices from other community members.

You can get to know Théophile a bit more in the Q&A below!

Théophile Faurisson
Head of Operations at Everping


What is your role and company?

Everping helps startups and SMEs which want to focus on their core business to manage their IT assets easily and effortlessly, from a single solution. They can buy computers and get them ready in 2 clicks, secure and deploy updates across their entire fleet, get IT support in less than 10 minutes, get visibility over their fleet, create access in SaaS software or even recycle their computers… And all from a single location.

At Everping, I am the Head of Operations. With my teams, we handle all the services sold, from ticketing to logistics through IT projects, maintenance and SaaS management.

We were 2 in 2020 and today we are +40 employees between Paris and Bordeaux 🇫🇷


How do you use Kustomer in your role?

As the PO of Kustomer in Everping, I'm in charge of setting it as close to my team's needs: workflows, business rules, notes, queues and routing must fit our organization. Tags, information, everything our agents must know to help our customers has to be in Kustomer. With our developers we connect Kustomer with our product to give up to date information. 

I left the API part to the developers, doing a wonderful job to create Klasses! 


How does your Company/team use Kustomer?

As an MSP, Everping is here to handle IT incidents and requests from our customers’ collaborators. Kustomer helps us centralize all the conversations from various channels. According to the client, the type of request and the customer, Kustomer helps us routing it to the right agent, at the right time. 

We also use a lot of workflows to guide the agents on when to follow up, when and how to escalate an incident, to inform the Team Leader if an SLA is about to breach, etc. 


How do you like to use the Kustomer Community?

Mainly to give feature requests! I feel like Kustomer can always go a step further and as an  intensive (and happy) user, I want to challenge the product as much as possible to have what fits best. I believe the Support Team must know my name also by now 😉.

I also try to see if what I want was already asked and answered. And sometimes, doing so, I find articles that make me increase my knowledge of Kustomer and make a huge step on how to use it. Such as this one

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Thanks for the Spotlight and glad to be part of Kustomer Community!