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  • 1 October 2023
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👋 This is our third installment the Community Spotlight! This is a dedicated section of the community where we recognize our most engaged members. 

This month’s spotlighter is @jake.durman_at_imaginecurve! You’ve probably seen Jake around adding his product ideas for improving Kustomer, and as an active participant in our Koffee Chat series.

You can get to know Jake a bit more in the Q&A below!

Jake Durman
MI Analyst at Curve

How do you use Kustomer in your role?

All things Kustomer related here at Curve land on my doorstep. I make additions to our business rules, queues, and conversational topics to stay up to date with our ever-changing product and then utilise reports to help feed information/data back to our Product team. Whether it’s creating a dynamic form on the Curve help centre to help condense all the information from the customer into a one touch resolution for our agents, or liaising with Kustomer themselves on how best to implement new features/changes with our product, I'm the person to contact. 


How does your company/team use Kustomer?

We have several teams at Curve who operate with different customer enquiries. These include transactions, onboarding, experiences, crime fighting, account verification, complaints, service disputes, fraud disputes, GDPR and AML (Anti-Money Laundering). We utilise keywords in the business rules for our emails inbound to apply conversational topics and then queue rules to send them to the correct teams. We also use dynamic forms to condense the customers enquiry into a one-touch resolution and have one of the largest chatbots of all of Kustomers’ clients, using 4 separate workflows detailing over 100 steps to route them correctly! We also have recently started feeding information into Kustomer by adding webhooks to help differentiate our customers depending on new features they have signed up to use with us.


How do you like to use the Kustomer Community?

I like to use the Kustomer Community to raise feature requests and to see if other clients of Kustomer have raised a similar enquiry, or completed it already! There are some great ideas raised and it helps me to think about how we would also like Kustomer to look in the near future with Curve.

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