September Community Spotlight đź’ˇ

  • 1 September 2023
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👋 This is our second installment the Community Spotlight! This is a dedicated section of the community where we recognize our most engaged members. 

This month’s spotlighter is the wonderful @matt.wurz! When you browse the community, you’ll see Matt adding to discussions, submitting feature requests for his team, and attending our Koffee Chats. 

You can get to know Matt a bit more in the Q&A below!


Matt Wurz
Senior Program Manager, Customer Operations at Double Good


What is your role and company?
I’m a Senior Program Manager for Customer Operations at Double Good Virtual Fundraising. My team manages the tech stack for Customer Support and Customer Success, helps support and facilitate cross-functional projects, and ensures our Customer Operations team is running as smoothly as possible.

Double Good is on a mission to create joy by developing the easiest and most engaging fundraising app and the most delicious hand-crafted popcorn. My team is hyper-focused on creating joy for those who are creating joy!

How do you use Kustomer in your role?
As one of the core business systems in Customer Operations, most of my day is consumed by either thinking about Kustomer or doing something in Kustomer. I’m responsible for ensuring that we’re using it efficiently and correctly. Kustomer has been key to building a scalable, efficient customer experience and so we’re always looking to enhance or build upon it.

I also manage our knowledge base and make updates to it as our mobile app releases new and improved features. This knowledge base is integrated with our chatbot to enable self-service for our users.

How does your Company/team use Kustomer?
We use Kustomer to manage all inbound customer inquiries, regardless of channel. As a fundraising platform, our users can organize the fundraising event, participate in it, or support it by purchasing popcorn. Each of these different user roles gets integrated as a customer record in Kustomer, along with unique kObjects relating to fundraisers, pop-up stores, and orders. This way, our agents can view all relevant customer information within the same timeline view. This means they can help organizers get the status of their fundraiser payout, assist sellers with updating their unique e-commerce store, or help process a replacement popcorn order that was lost in the mail.

Our Kustomer instance also integrates with our order management system, so simple actions like canceling an order or updating an order status can be completed with the click of a single button.

We use the data we gather with Kustomer to help improve our product as well. Through a Zapier connection, we send key information from conversations to our popcorn manufacturing team to help improve their operations. We also share our conversation data with our Product team to help enhance and shape the product roadmap.


How do you like to use the Kustomer Community?
The Kustomer community is a great way for me to submit feature requests and crowdsource support for them. I also really enjoy seeing how other companies are approaching different things in customer experience. While Double Good’s business model and mission are truly unique, there are common challenges that e-commerce and technology companies face, so it’s been helpful to see how other folks approach them.

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@amanda.rothbard Thanks for letting me be part of this!