It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Here are 9 things you can do today to improve your organization’s cybersecurity.

  • 26 October 2022
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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month–is your organization doing everything it can in Kustomer to protect yourselves and your customers? 

Kustomer has many settings and features that will help your organization ensure your Kustomer instance is secure. Check them out, and our experts’ best tips for each, below:


Feature to Review

Kustomer’s Tips

API Keys

Always use the most specific Roles and the least amount of time needed before the API Key should expire.

Audit Log

Check the audit log to see if anyone has made changes to Kustomer Access settings by filtering using the Settings Event Type.


Have users log into Kustomer using whichever SSO method (Google, Microsoft, SAML) your organization already trusts, leverage provisioning to activate and deactivate your users, and set the maximum amount of time you’ll allow users to be in Kustomer without reauthenticating. 

Chat SDK

One of our newest Chat Android Mobile SDK releases includes a new feature allowing you to remove the permission to request camera access if you don't allow taking pictures.

Data Masking (NEW!)

Hide (or “mask”) sensitive customer information from certain users and teams to minimize access to sensitive data.


This feature is brand new and available upon request! Check out more info in the video below!

Kustomer Access

Add allowed IP addresses, allowing users to access your Kustomer instance only while connected to VPN

Message Redaction

Sometimes, sensitive customer information is shared in a conversation, such as a credit card number. Make sure your agents know when and how to permanently delete and hide this information using the Message Redaction option.

Permission Sets

Only give access to features that users need to access. In particular, review the permissions to all the features listed here.

Workflow Variables

Workflow variables allow you to store API Keys securely and access them from within a workflow.



For more information about getting access to the Data Masking Beta (available for Ultimate plans only), reach out to

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