BPO Agents and Mobile Applications

Hi folks!

Wanted to pulse the community to see if anyone has some bright ideas or experience.

Double Good has a mobile application, however, our business is completely US based. Users without a US phone number are unable to receive an OTP code to login to our application.

We have BPO partners that exist in both Honduras and the Philippines and they are unable to use the app to test things out or to help them complete troubleshooting live with the customers.

We have provided the team visual aids, videos, walkthroughs but the team struggles occasionally with being able to fully support the customer. We did provide them a test version of the app, however they lose access each time a new update comes out (which is usually twice per week so it’s not particularly scalable).

Our training team is struggling to ensure these agents have the best onboarding/training experience, but we’ve hit a bit of a wall.

Any ideas on how we can get these folks the right training?

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