Skills Based Routing

Hi y'all! We have been asking the Kustomer team to release a Skills-based routing tool for ages, and it's almost here! It is currently in Beta and will be released to GA within the next few months so I'm curious to hear if anyone else is as eager to switch from Queues & Routing to SBR.

We completed a major Q&R overhaul last Spring where we essentially redid our teams structure to try to mimic an SBR as closely as we could. It helped us reduce manual time needed on RTA activities, as well as identified skill gaps for certain cohorts of agents.

We're most interested in the Required Skills function in SBR, and the ability for us to set a timeout so a conversation doesn't get stuck sitting if no one with that skill becomes available in time.

Our volume picks up during the Fall months, so we're eager to implement SBR this summer.

How does everyone else feel about SBR?

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