How can we got the articles log specially articles status unpublish to publish & who make the article publish

  • 26 August 2023
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Hi we are making some updates in our kb & some articles were unpublished & mistakenly we changed the status of unpublished to publish. I am trying to see the article versions but it is showing all previous versions as unpublished. There are a lot of articles & we are unable to find those 2-3 articles. Is there a way if we can get the logs previous status of articles & new status of articles & published by (name of the author/admin).


1 reply

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@mkumar I’m so glad you asked this. I completely agree that this would be helpful. I requested better version control (with some examples and use cases) here:

Feel free to upvote and/or add any more specifics into the comments! I think you’ve described a really important use case here. I’ve found it very difficult to piece together who published when, especially when the avatars/names don’t seem to always reflect reality. (For example, it showed my manager created a new draft when I confirmed he hadn’t even accessed it around that timeframe). 


How to Move Forward

As far as how to move forward with your specific scenario, you could try doing an export and sorting by the PublishedAt or UpdatedAt fields. 

  1. Click the Apps option in the left sidebar of Kustomer.
  2. Select Export Buddy.
  3. Under "What would you like to export?" choose the Knowledge Base Articles option.
  4. Click the Export button.
  5. Once the progress bar completes exporting, click Download File.
  6. Double click on the downloaded csv.gzip file in Finder to extract just the .csv file.

You can then open this in sheets or some other program and sort by the appropriate fields. For example, if you noticed the issue August 26th, you could look for any articles that showed PublishedAt dates within the few weeks before. That should at least limit the amount of articles you’d need to manually open in Kustomer and review the past versions. 😬