Inbound phone calls should create a "firstResponseTime" data point.

  • 30 August 2023
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Currently, when an inbound phone call is logged on a Conversation it does not generate a “firstResponse.businessTime” data point. Kustomer’s reply to my inquiry was that this is because it’s an “inbound” interaction - which is obviously true, but doesn’t lend itself well to real world application.

If an agent has to send a follow-up email before this data point can be registered, it’s very likely that FirstResponse and FirstDone times will be within a few seconds of each other on any Phone conversations.

If no follow up email is required, I guess a FirstResponse data point will never be generated?

The only way we have to calculate handle time on individual tickets is by subtracting FirstResponse time from Done time; which is ludicrous in its own right. But I’ve found no better way to determine handle time for individual tickets (or set of tickets) in a data export. And since there is currently no true “handle time” data point, this choice nullifies any ability to even semi-accurately gauge handle time.

Would love to hear other thoughts on how you calculate handle time for specific tickets (or specific sets of tickets)

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