Using vendors as Collaborators

  • 1 February 2023
  • 1 reply


So in our deployment, we’d like to use our outside vendors as collaborators.  I would assign each different company’s employees into a teams.  What I’m trying to accomplish then is blocking each team (or company) from seeing the other team (or comapny’s) notes back and forth with my team.

I’d also like to disable collaborators from seeing anything that they haven’t been mentioned in.

Any ideas?

1 reply

Hi BicBuck, thanks for engaging the community! It appear some of our other community members have submitted an IDEA to our engineering team related to hiding certain conversations from certain users in a similar nature to what you are speaking to!

I would recommend checking out this idea, upvoting it, and writing a little about your use case for this type of feature in the comments. Should our engineering team pick this up for development, they can consider yor needs as we work to bring this feature online! :)