Just for Fun: Filtered February

  • 14 February 2023
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When you work in customer service, you’re bound to have brushes with questionable content. Maybe you saw something you wish you hadn’t, or maybe you just wanted to prevent a bot from repeatedly harassing your system.


Is there an unexpected word you had to start filtering out, or a particular mailing list you just couldn’t unsubscribe from?


Tell us the ridiculous stories that you had to suffer through, the systems you devised to block unwanted senders, or the unusual, blue, or unusually blue words that had to be incorporated into an otherwise professional setting!


Let’s have some laughs this month by sharing in the silliness, and hopefully learning a tip or two along the way.

2 replies

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Here at MANSCAPED™️ what qualifies as NSFW at most workplaces is just the nature of the beast!! (beast=queue) 🤣 

A PG story or situation that comes to mind would be these persistent invites to a community baseball or softball league that we just kept receiving in our inbox. The volume was not anything serious, but we would get at least 2-3 invites a week from them and their email address changed with every invite. These invites found their way around spam filters and just became a normal part of queue management/clean-up. We eventually got them handled probably with a business rule, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen them in the queue. 

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@ashley_at_manscaped That’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Curious — did anyone end up joining the league? 😂 ⚾️