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  • 2 February 2023
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The interface for creating article on the Kustomer knowledge base is very limited and hard to use.  We have very specific formats we have to follow which can only be manipulated in google docs and microsoft word.  When we copy and paste our documents into the knowledge base the tables are messed up.  Can we fix this somehow?  


1 reply

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@davidstickley Thanks for the video! Super helpful to see your use case. We ran into similar issues when we were trying to migrate our articles/documentation into Kustomer. Copying and pasting into the simple editor was...very clunky for exactly the reasons that you’ve documented.  

We got around this by copying the actual HTML code (not just the text/image/tables) from our former knowledge base and pasting it into Kustomer’s code editor (not the simple rich text editor shown in your video). That got us closer to the specific formatting we had for our tables, but it doesn’t sound like that would work since you’re pulling from Google Docs and Word (without HTML options).  

Our Workaround: 
We just build any new tables now in Kustomer’s simple editor because it’s so difficult to copy and paste with any stylistic/formatting options. 

As for creating new content in Kustomer and wanting the editor to have your custom formatting, you may want to look at custom theme CSS formatting. To achieve our brand colors, fonts, sizes, formats, etc. we ended up having to use custom styling (via our design and dev team—far above my expertise!) in our brands and themes. We aren’t able to achieve that just in Kustomer’s simple article editor.

With the custom styling, the simple editor view looks very plain, but once the article is published, the CSS formatting kicks in! I, too, wish the Kustomer article editor was more like Word, where you could adjust styling/size/font on an article-by-article basis, but the custom theme-formatting is great for consistency!

Here’s an example of what the simple editor looks like in Kustomer versus the published view (with the custom styling in play).

Simple Editor view


Published Version with our custom theme styling

The one drawback is that *some* customizations don’t show in the SDK widgets. For example, in our themes and brands, our blue callout boxes do not show. It’s just the plain text. But, the color/size/font of the H2/H3 headers do. 🤷‍♀️

If you want, I would recommend posting your initial request/use case description also as a Product Idea (as opposed to a Question) in the Community! That might give you some more traction and others can upvote this! 👍