Question regarding Conversations Marked as Done and Snoozed, and then being ended by customers

We’ve been using Kustomer for a couple of months now, and we’ve developed a procedure for pending cases. We mark conversations as “Done”, for chat or emails, and then we mark the conversation as “Snoozed” with the proper date and time.

Now, the issue is that, sometimes, with conversations already done and snoozed, the conversation is suddenly marked as done again, without any of our agents making the call.

We can see a message in the workflow logs, such as “customer ended the conversation”, sometimes several hours after it was already marked as done and snoozed, and then business rules marks the conversation as done again. And unless we somehow look for that specific conversation afterward, we have no way to know this actually happened. This is becoming quite a big headache for us.

Is there anything we can do in order to prevent customers from ending a conversation that was already marked as done, and snoozed? 

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