Reporting Support

Hi Kustomer Community, we’re looking for some support with our reporting. Any information you can provide on the points outlined below would be much appreciated. 

  • Count of conversations for each channel over time where the first message is an outbound from automated workflows or agents and there is a subsequent inbound from the customer in response.

Standard reporting provides a count of customer-initiated conversations for each channel over time however we’d like to compare organic inbounds (customer-initiated) against prompted inbounds (initiated by us).

How is best to approach this, is there a specific report set-up, or is is there a report for all inbounds by channel that captures everything and we could export to complete the comparison?

  • For ‘Average Response Time’ do snoozes interact with the metrics?

Kustomer defines Average Response Time as average duration of time from the creation of any inbound message to an outbound reply of that message. Does this account for snoozes? If so, is there a way to show an aggregated average response time (ie. one with snoozes included and one without).

  • Average number of outbound (sent by agent) messages per conversation

It doesn’t seem possible to track how many snoozed tickets reopen in the queue each day, therefore making it hard to capacity plan based on workload. As a proxy, we’d like to track how many touches are required on a ticket before resolution - ie. how many outbound message an agents sends before a conversation is closed. 

From this we could geta more accurate understanding of the workload generated per conversation. Is it possible to measure this for WA,SMS & Email?

Thanks again for any help provided.

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