How to Use Your Contact Form Outside of Kustomer

Forms in Kustomer allows a company to use it in different ways. It is primarily used to connect a customer and agent for support, however, it can be used to gain feedback or even ingest data. 

At this time, the form you build in Kustomer can only exist in your knowledge base. What if you wanted it on another page or website other than your knowledge base? You can use an iFrame to embed the contact form elsewhere. 

What is an iFrame? 

An iFrame is an HTML element that nests browser content within it. This allows you to embed another HTML page into another one. You can obtain more info on an iFrame element from w3 schools.

How do I put my Kustomer form in an iFrame?

Below is what the iFrame element looks like:

<iframe src='sample'></iframe>

To use the form in an iFrame, simply put the URL of your knowledge base form in between the parentheses after src.

<iframe src=''>


Awesome, it worked! How can I make it bigger? 

You can adjust the size of the iFrame by using the width and height attribute. See an example below: 

<iframe src='' width='700px' height='800px'>


You can view more attribute options that you can add to your iFrame element here.