Queues and Routing: Getting Set Up For Success

Queues and Routing: Getting Set Up For Success

Written by: Derek Parson, Technical Support Engineer @ Kustomer

So you have your business up and running, customers buying and using your products, and you’re using Kustomer, the best CSM technology on the market today, to interact with them to provide the best customer experience. Then, your customers start contacting you on chat about where their order is currently located, via email about how to exchange their item for a different color, and on social about where to buy the product showcased in that latest post. What now? All these messages are just coming into Kustomer and landing in the same place. How do we get these organized so your teams can be efficient and focused on their work and not finding the right person for this question? Queues and routing to the rescue!

Everyone wants to be organized but not everyone wants to do the heavy lifting that comes with that organizing. Well, that’s where queues and routing will take that heavy load off you and your agents to get the right conversations to the right people. Setting up queues and routing will reduce the amount of time the customer is waiting, increase efficiency in your team, and ultimately create a better experience for you and your customers.

So where do we start?


You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work. So let’s make some teams!

Once we have our users added to our Kustomer organization a great first step is to create teams that the users will be added to like, The Socials Squad, Chat Crew, or Email Group. Once we have those teams setup we can then add those users to one or more of those teams based on what those users should be doing or types of conversations they should be handling. User1 is our go-to person for handling all things social we can add them to The Socials Squad. User2 is quick and able to respond to customer requests at the blink of the eye so we will add them to the Chat Crew. User3 is our most senior customer support team member so we will add them to all three teams, they can do it all.

Great! Now we have our users in their respective teams, now what?


Let’s get those incoming conversations filtered and put into queues that resemble their requests and get our teams to work!

Let’s build out three queues for our three teams and run through the steps for one of these queues. This part of the process has recently been made easier by the Kustomer Team with a guided QnR Configuration once you click on the “+ Add Queue” button which is optional but certainly helps gets us organized so we will take that route here. 

First steps after starting the guided configuration are naming our first queue (Socials Queue), describing what this queue will do (All things social, IG and FB messages, dm’s, and mentions), queue priority (social related convos are important to us so we will leave this at 1), and finally conversation weight (we know these are typically not as time consuming as our other types of conversations so we will leave this at 1.) 

Next step, we need to add some rules to ensure conversations related to IG (Instagram) and FB (Facebook) are routed into this queue. Under “Match Any of the following” we can add a condition that all conversations in of of our IG of FB channels will be routed here. The condition I went with is, Conversation > Channel > Is One Of > Facebook Messenger, Facebook Wallpost, Instagram Comment, Instagram DM.

Last step, we need to add our team(s) to our new queue! As I’m sure you already know, The Socials Squad is going to be linked to our Socials Queue.

Finally, we can review what we’ve chosen and hit the “Save and Apply” button at the bottom of the window. To start routing social conversations here we just need to go to the “Rules” tab while still in the “Queues and Routing” window and toggle our Socials Queue Rule on and now we are ready to go!

Wrap Up

Now you can go back and create queues for all type of conversations and create rules to filter conversations, customers, and messages of all types. The power of queues and routing is at your fingertips and ready to be put into action!