What to do if your conversations aren’t routing

Often when using queues and routing you might run into a situation where you believe a conversation should be routing to an agent more quickly than it is. Trying to troubleshoot this can be a confusing and time consuming experience, but this blog post is aiming to provide tips on how to begin to investigate this.

The first thing to check would be the routing settings for the team that your agents are available on to see if there are any custom configurations that could be blocking the conversation from routing. This can be found under Settings -> Teams and then select to edit the team. From there check the team’s Routing Profile to see if the correct queues are assigned and if there are any advanced configurations around Capacity by Priority.

If there are, then you should check if certain Advanced Configurations in your Queues and Routing settings are enabled. These can be checked under Settings -> Platform -> Queues & Routing and then select General to scroll down to Advanced Configurations.

The primary setting you’re looking for here would be if Pause Lower Priority Routing has been enabled. If it has, check if the conversation is in a low priority queue as that is most likely the reason your conversation is not routing.

If that is not the case or if advanced configurations are not enabled, then the last resort would be to investigate using the Audit Log.

Your organization’s Audit Log is the most powerful tool to use when investigating conversation routing. This can be found under Settings -> Security -> Audit Log. The Audit log will give you valuable insight into your agent’s capacity to help determine if an agent was available with capacity during the time when a conversation should have routed.

Once viewing your audit log, you can then filter to view agent’s work session to view when they were online and what kind of capacity they had:

Be sure to also change the Date/Time to closely match when the agent would have been online for the day.

From there you can check whether the agent had available capacity at the time the conversation would have been routing. To help explain how to do this, please view the following example:

There is a chat conversation that has entered the queue at roughly 5:41pm

This conversation was expected to route within a minute of being created, but it did not. You have already checked your Team and Queues & Routing settings and know that the Chat queue is a high priority queue and that Pause Lower Priority Routing is not enabled.

You then navigate to the Audit Log and filter to your available agent, Jason, to see when they were available. You see that, even though they were available, they did not have capacity during the time the conversation was attempting to route.

This indicates that the platform is functioning as expected, but the agents may have been overloaded this day or that the conversation came in at a particularly busy time.

These troubleshooting tips will help give you guidance one how to begin looking into issues with conversations routing. Of course, if you run into a particularly difficult situation or have checked these things and still are not sure why the conversation is not routing correctly, please reach out to our Technical Support group at support@kustomer.com for additional assistance.